Jacksonville man accused of ramming van into GOP tent found guilty of criminal mischief

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — UPDATE 8:33 P.M. Gregory Timm has been found guilty of criminal mischief for ramming his van into a GOP tent. Timm has been found not guilty of count one of aggravated assault and count two of aggravated assault.

Timm was sentenced to 60 days in prison which he has already served.


Day two of the Gregory Timm trial continued Thursday. The state called three new witnesses and a detective to the stand.

The jury started the morning listening to testimony from Mark Alfieri, a probation supervisor living in Gainesville. Alfieri was also on the Republican Executive Committee and was volunteering at the tent Feb. 8, 2020.

“He made direct eye contact with me,” Alfieri said talking about Timm. “He smiled at me and then all of a sudden accelerated.”

The state argued that Timm created fear of violence.

Brooks and Susan Clayton are registered Republicans and were headed to the Walmart parking lot to get lunch when they noticed the tent. They stopped in to sign up.

“I had my foot out the door,” Susan said. “My husband pulled me back in when he saw the van come...I was shaking. He almost hit me. He would’ve hit me if I got out any farther.”

The defense argued that Timm never intended to cause harm. He took the stand Thursday and testified that he waited in his 1980s van for more than 15 minutes in the parking lot to make sure there were no volunteers under the tent.

“Trump had just been acquitted in the Senate...I was tired...I felt very strongly this was not the time for celebration,” Timm said. “It was a prank. It was the most stupid thing I’ve ever done. I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on this.”

Timm faces two counts of aggravated assault and another charge of criminal mischief.


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