Duval County

Jacksonville man battling cancer runs into issues while trying to get married

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A father in Jacksonville is battling cancer and is running into issues with trying to get married.

  • A local father battling cancer is rushing to marry is fiancée because doctors don’t know how long he has left.
  • Mike Shaw was diagnosed with stage 4 Myxoid liposarcoma, rare cancer, which has spread to his lungs and spine.
  • Shaw is currently being treated at Mayo Clinic and can’t leave the hospital due to his health.
  • Shaw and his fiancée said ran into an issue with getting the marriage license. Both parties are required to apply in person at the Duval County Courthouse at the same time to get a marriage license. Shaw’s fiancée said he’s too sick to leave the hospital.
  • The Clerk’s Office said the only exception is for terminally ill patients and a doctor’s note is required.
  • The City of Jacksonville said they were able to get the couple their marriage license. The couple plans to get married at Mayo Clinic Thursday.

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