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Jacksonville residents get an early start on Christmas Tree shopping amid shortage

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — It’s been a busy short few weeks at Severt’s Christmas Tree Farm on Atlantic Boulevard.

Jacksonville residents are swarming the setup to claim their perfect tree all the way from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and southwestern Virginia.

The tent opened mid-November, and workers said it’s been a mad dash for the best.

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“We’re just selling a lot of them,” Christmas tree salesperson Matthew DeWees said.

The American Christmas Tree Association recommended buying your tree ahead of time this year.

Jacksonville residents obliged.

“They’re crazy, crazy. Way earlier,” DeWees said.

Tree lot managers said the shortage hasn’t hit their business too hard, but they said what you see is what you get.

Usually more trees will come in week by week, but we’re told there might be only one more trailer on its way.

Coming from the north, managers said the price of fuel has taken its toll as well. Trees are priced higher this year to offset the added cost of gas.

Frasier firs are selling anywhere from $30 for a tabletop tree or $500 if you’re looking for something grand.

Managers said that’s more than 25% higher than last year.

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Nonetheless, people are still making the most of the holiday even if they’re getting it started before December.

“Everyone seems to be in a good mood. Everyone is excited,” DeWees said.