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JEA Board hires former CEO Paul McElroy to be next interim CEO

JEA CEO Paul McElroy

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The new Board of Directors of JEA has hired former JEA CEO Paul McElroy as interim CEO for six months while they work to put in a permanent CEO. This comes after last week’s vote to fire Melissa Dykes without cause.

The six month stipulation was due to McElroy’s pension. The new contract would start May 11 and would end on November 8. He would get $276,000 for those six months. If he was needed past that, he would be a part-time employee and that would start November 9 and then end May 10.

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McElroy reiterates that he does not want the permanent position as he is looking forward to retirement with his wife, but does want to help ease the transition.

McElroy wrote a letter to the board after last week’s meeting saying he would be honored to lead the utility for the time being.

The meeting starts Tuesday at 1 p.m.

Dear Chair Baker, Members:

My name was mentioned at Tuesday's JEA Board meeting as someone the Board might consider to fill the role of Interim CEO while a search is conducted for a permanent replacement. I want to formally let you know that I would be honored to lead the utility on an interim basis. Two years ago, JEA was a regionally and nationally recognized leader. Its amazing team of professionals excelled in delivering exceptional: • Customer satisfaction • Operational performance • Financial metrics and management practices • Governance, including ethics, compliance, internal audit All of this created a high level of community and employee engagement and satisfaction. During the last two years, the issues surrounding JEA have been well documented and a matter of public record. At its first meeting, the new JEA Board strongly stated and signaled by its actions and intent to reassure our community the Board will focus on ensuring ethical behavior, reliability and public safety to restore trust in JEA. Over the past six months, I have been contacted by many leaders in our community to discuss JEA. I have told them that if the Board thinks I can play a role in facilitating their goals, and ultimately their success in restoring public trust in JEA, I will help in any way I can. I want to share some information (see attached) that was developed in large part prior to my resignation as CEO and managing director in April, 2018. It includes a thorough review of the 5.5 years I served in that position. It might be helpful to the Board as it considers filling the interim CEO position. Also attached, for additional background on my career, is a copy of my resume presented to the JEA Board during the 2012 CEO search.Finally, listed below are the names and contact information for several industry professionals who would gladly speak to any Board member on my behalf. If there is any way I can assist you, or any individual Board member, please feel free to contact me. Paul E. McElroy

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