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Lake City woman arrested after dead and sick dogs found on property

LAKE CITY, Fla. — A Lake City woman faces felony charges for allegedly causing cruel pain and suffering to at least on of her dogs.

Some neighbors tell Action News Jax although it’s heartbreaking news, they’re not too surprised.

“There’s no words for somebody that does that,” exclaimed Marie Montgomery.

Police arrested Lynn Carroll, 32, when a neighbor’s call to the Lake City Humane Society led to a visit from animal control, and at least two dogs were found dead and another severely emaciated.

When Animal Control arrived, they found the dog "in bad health,” and had deep lacerations around its neck that needed immediate medical treatment.

But it didn’t end there. They would later find another dog dead inside a makeshift pen with, “fecal matter all over the flooring."

They found no food or water. They found another dead dog on the back porch inside a garbage bag, authorities said.

“Oh my God! I mean why, why not bury it at least if the dog died?” Montgomery said.

Neighbors tell me they saw at least one of her dogs rummaging through their trash cans on several occasions.

“He wasn’t vicious as I looked at him, he was really trying to play, that’s what I thought. But then when I saw the trash, then I’m like, ‘Okay,’ that’s what he was doing, he just wanted food.”

In the report, Carroll claims she buried six dogs on the property, and that she knew the others were sick, but she had children to take care of.

Neighbors believe, “She really doesn’t need any dogs or animals if that’s how they’re going to end up.” ​

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