Local organizations come together to spread warmth ahead of cold front

Several local organizations came together to give out blankets ahead of a cold front.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — With frigid temperatures on the way to Jacksonville, several organizations helped Sunday to make sure some of the area’s most vulnerable residents stay warm this week.

Four different ministry groups loaded up their cars and trailers with more than 1,000 blankets and coats for the homeless, and they plan to continue those efforts through the week.

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Most of the donated blankets are left over from FEMA disaster relief.

Mike Linkenauger, the organizer of the drive, said local churches have been collecting coats for the last month in anticipation of cold weather.

As the group hit the streets Downtown, they handed out two blankets and one coat to each person in need they ran into.

Linkenauger said this all started because the groups believe everyone deserves to have dignity during difficult times.

“The motive behind what we’re doing is really just to love on the homeless population and community,” Linkenauger said. “The blankets, the Bible, the food is just an icebreaker to get to know them and then hopefully help them off the streets and into a better situation.”

He said the blankets only last two to three days because of the weather, which is why they plan to continue distributing them through the season.

Anyone interested in contributing can contact Quarter Crusade to find out how they can help.