Manager of Bold City Brewery finds out Urban Meyer is the new Jags head coach in the middle of us interviewing him

Downtown businesses hoping for Jaguars boost


We were in the middle of interviewing Bold City Manager Will Frazier about the excitement surrounding the Jags when the news broke on Action News Jax at 6:40pm about Urban Meyer.

“Well look at that. I mean this is good news, man, it’s good news.”

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It’s the news he and his friends had been waiting for all day long.

“The ones that were not going to renew their season tickets they are renewing them now and you know everybody’s excited,” says Frazier.

The Jaguars told Action News Jax they’ve already received tons of calls about season tickets within the last 24 hours.

Frazier says this hire could be the ticket to get the fans back downtown.

“It will be such a reward for the jags to do well and to bring more business downtown.”

Usually on game days, Bold City Brewery in downtown is buzzing with fans all day long.

“Normally starting at 9 AM there’s groups of people just marching down Bay Street towards the stadium. There’s a mix of tailgates the whole way down.”

But this year, due to the pandemic, it was the complete opposite.

So Frazier says he’s excited about this new hire.

“I think this is it. I think this is what we need to get to the point.”

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