NBA dancer helps kids find purpose through 8 count

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A local man is giving back to his community in a major way.

Action News Jax first told you about Sherrod Brown last year when he became the first male dancer for the Orlando Magic dance team.

Brown is from Jacksonville’s northside.

He owns The Posh Factory Performing Arts Centre in downtown Jacksonville.

“I’m glad to be a part of 45th and to show Jacksonville that a lot of good things can come from the northside with a little hard work and dedication,” Brown said.

He says the Posh Factory targets boys and girls who’d otherwise never be exposed to something like this.

Brown has become a big brother and mentor to more than 200 students over the last four years.

His students are ready to dance their way into your hearts.

“I hosted so many different classes and I was training some of them privately, sometimes out of my own home,” Brown explained.

Brown recently became the first male dancer for Orlando Magic.

But his story hasn’t always been glamorous.

His first dance studio went up in flames two years ago after an electrical fire.

“It left me really, really discouraged. I was going to close down and just let it all go and walk away from it,” Brown added.

But that feeling changed when he started back teaching his students.

“I enjoy all of the techniques,” 10-year-old Brynn Bailee said.

“It’s basically my happy place when I’m feeling down,” 10-year-old Taylor Stepps added.

Bailee says she’s been dancing with the program since she was 5 years old.

She wants to be a singer and dancer.

“My favorite memory is when we were at shake the ground regionals and nationals,” Bailee said.

Brown is changing these dancers’ lives with an “eight-count.” When he’s not on the court performing, he’s here in the studio making a difference.

He’s doing for them what he was able to do for himself when he was younger -- find purpose through dance.

Each year the Posh Factory gives scholarships to students enrolled in the program.