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Police: More human remains found in North Jacksonville near construction site

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Additional human remains have been found in North Jacksonville, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said Thursday in a news conference.

On Tuesday, Action News Jax reported when police said human bones were found while crews were working at a construction site in North Jacksonville.

The Sheriff’s Office said as crews were building a new ramp for the interchange in the area, police said a worker found human remains in the dirt mound.

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Story continues below:

The dirt came from another site off Eastport Road and was brought to this site near I-295 and Main Street where workers are building a ramp.

Since the initial discovery, police have been searching the Eastport Road site and have found additional bones of possibly more than one person.

Police did not say how old they think the bones are, but are working with authorities to determine a cause of death.

Watch the news conference on Facebook below:

Action News Jax reporter Jamarlo Phillips went to the construction sites. This is what he has learned:

We watched as officers shoveled dirt into buckets and sifted through all the dirt to recover any other bones.

Thursday, JSO said it found remains of multiple people on this site and another off Eastport Road where the dirt for the construction project originated.

“At this time, we’re coordinating with the medical examiner’s office and a forensic anthropologist team to identify them and determine the cause of death,” said Lt. Craig Waldrop.

A bird’s eye view of the I-295 property from our Action News Jax Sky Vision – you can see trucks lined up and the area where it appears dirt was removed from.

This is the Eastport Road site that is under JSO guard tonight.

We started looking into city records to see if there are any documented cemeteries in the area.

We found a list of surveyed cemeteries on the city’s website that was dated 2000.

It showed 3 in the Eastport Road area.

One of them listed as Lybeck Cemetery didn’t have an address and was not in the city’s files.

“It is more than one because there are pieces and the forensic anthropologist hasn’t been able to put it altogether yet,” said Lt. Waldrop.

Police say right now investigators are in the process of collecting the bones.

They believe the remains have been buried for a while, but they weren’t able to give an exact time frame.

The next step is determining if there are more bones in both sites and for a medical examiner to figure out who the bones belong to.

Archer Western is the company doing construction work on the I-295 ramp.

JSO says they plan to be at both sites for another week.

We will continue to follow this story as it develops.

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