Regency Square Mall begins second vaccine doses: some successfully receive it, some still waiting

Second dose vaccinations begin

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Regency Square Mall began administering second dose vaccines today. While many have been successful in getting it, others have not.

Seniors tell Action News Jax they’re feeling in a state of limbo right now, not knowing when they’ll be contacted to schedule a second dose.

This comes after more than 19,000 people received their first dose at Regency Square Mall, and things moved smoothly. For those who have waited the minimum 21 days to hear back from when they can finally receive the second dose, some have had luck on their side, while others have come up short.

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68-year-old Stewart Wells said he and his wife received their first dose of the vaccine on the first day Regency opened as a vaccination site. While his wife got her second dose today, Stewart is still waiting on a call from the state to schedule his.

“I’m frustrated because I should’ve gotten an appointment around the same time as my wife,” Wells said. “We talked to the neighbors, and they got their shot three days after me and they already got their appointment, and I don’t.”

On the other hand, 78-year-old Jay Niles was excited to receive his second dose today, saying they not only sent a confirmation email but continued to follow up, having no troubles with communication.

“When they texted you, it was exactly 24 hours before your appointment,” Niles said. “So in other words, yesterday I got a reminder again for today, so they followed up.”

So far, more than 43,000 people in Duval County have received their second dose. That’s just under 50% of everyone who has received a vaccine in Jacksonville.

The Florida Department of Emergency Management told Action News Jax no one is due back at Regency exactly 21 days later. They say you have up to six weeks to get the second dose.

Wells said he doesn’t think a wait time like that is right.

“It doesn’t sound right to me, because I would think they’d go right down the list of when they got shots, so we would be relatively close,” Wells said.

The state says it will call people who already got their first dose two to three days before their appointment, and schedule those second doses.