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REMINDER: Recycling drop-off sites closing in two weeks

Jacksonville's Return to Recycle?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — We’ve all gotten used to seeing recycling drop-off sites in Jacksonville, and if you’re used to making trips to these bins to get rid of your recyclables, keep in mind they won’t be open much longer.

Exactly two weeks from Thursday, all sites will be closing as the city prepares to bring back curbside recycling pick-up services.

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“We’re excited, so we don’t have to make this run anymore,” said neighbor Richard Hunt, who has been living in Jacksonville’s Southside for the past 28 years.

He’s relieved that he’ll no longer have to go out of his way to drop off his recyclables.

“Paper, bottles, and stuff like that,” he described.

“Convenience of having it picked up at your house is what’s nice.”

But with that convenience will come some changes.

All 15 of Jacksonville’s recycling sites will be closing on March 31.

Curbside recycling pick-up is scheduled to resume that following Monday on April 4.

Once it’s back, garbage will not be collected from recycling carts.

“It’s a big deal,” Hunt added.

A spokesperson for the City of Jacksonville tells Action News Jax the city will send out reminders, but below are five important rules you must follow for your recycling to go to the right place.


Use a city-issued recycling cart with a yellow lid.

Place the cart 3 feet apart from bulk items or garbage and away from obstructions, with wheels facing away from the road.

The cart’s lid must be fully closed. Save excess recycling for the next recycling collection day.

Ensure items are empty and free from residue.

Do not put recycling in plastic bags!

If you have any doubts about what you should and shouldn’t recycle – there’s a whole section about it on the city’s website.

Or you can simply consult the trusted recycler in your household.

“My wife tells me what to put in there, she knows everything,” Hunt said with a chuckle.

For more information on curbside recycling pick-up, and also trash pick-up, you can visit the city’s website by clicking here.