Rise in violent crime in Jacksonville despite more people staying at home

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Latest year to date crime numbers from the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office show an uptick in violent crime.

Citywide violent crime is up 6.2%, robbery home invasion is up 109% with 23 this year so far. Homicides are up about 18%.

Jacksonville is seeing a decrease in robberies, and grand theft specifically almost a 60% decrease in grand theft business crime and a 35% decrease in rape and sex battery crimes.

Sheriff Mike Williams mentioned about a 20% increase in domestic violence crimes.

“We are seeing an increase in what we have always seen, it’s not new violence, it’s nothing really in terms of wondering what happened -- it’s the same group of people conducting the same violence amongst each other.” Williams said.

Over the weekend JSO said 26 felons were arrested and six guns were taken off the street.

There have been 45 murders according to JSO’s murder data page so far this year, this time last year there were 39 murders.

JSO has allocated an additional 40 people to work street level crime. Some 150-200 officers are on COVID-19 related missions daily. ​