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Students in St. Johns County headed back to school on Monday

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. — St. Johns County students headed back to school on Monday.

Anna Lipinski stood outside the gate of Julington Creek Elementary School waving goodbye to her daughter.

“They need to be among friends you know, have this relation and just be at school,” Lipinski said.

This year parents are not allowed to walk their students inside the school to try to limit the spread of COVID-19.

We spotted students walking onto campus with their face masks on, which is required for all students doing in-person learning.

75% of students will be learning at their brick and mortar schools while a quarter have opted to learn at home.

Last week we gave you a look inside Liberty Pines Academy, so you could see the desk shields in each classroom and hand sanitizer.

Every classroom has thermometers too, which will be used every morning when students arrive.

Lipinski said overall she feels pretty optimistic about sending her daughter Pola heading back to school.

“I believe it’s going to work hopefully. If not you know at least we tried,” Lipinski

The St. Johns County School district said they have a plan in place in case a student shows any signs or symptoms.

It’ll isolate the students in a certain part of the school until a parent can pick them up.

The Florida Department of Health will work with the schools to confirm any positive COVID-19 cases.

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