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‘Went over both of their heads’: JSO says 911 dispatcher didn’t follow protocol in reported crash

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A man was left on the side of the road for hours and died from his injuries.

59-year-old Darryl Lindsey was hit and killed by a Dodge Challenger on August 26, 2021. Action News Jax has been telling you about his story since September. The driver of the Challenger did call 911, but no one was ever sent to the scene. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office launched an internal affairs investigation after we pressed the agency about why a car was not sent to the scene.

In new evidence obtained by Action News Jax reporter, Meghan Moriarty, we learn that the 911 dispatcher handling the call was a trainee. She never sent an officer to the scene.

“The reason that you’re here is because of a traffic crash that was called in and reported while you were in training,” an internal affairs detective said. This was during her interview with a 911 dispatcher in training at the time.

“I’ve been told by a few different people that if they don’t wanna see an officer, they don’t wanna see an officer,” the trainee said. “Just like an assault. If the person decides they don’t want an officer to come out then an officer doesn’t go.”

The trainee said she learned this from her trainer who was in the room when she took the call. He was also interviewed by the Internal Affairs Department.

“So, prior to today [November 18, 2021] you didn’t know that all traffic crashes require a call to be initiated, and sent to zone police and emergency communication officer?” the internal affairs detective asked.

“I was under the impression that if the person didn’t want a traffic report — like for in this instance, he said he hit a deer. There was no other human party involved, as far as I knew,” the dispatch trainer said. “I wouldn’t have sent a call either myself.”

In a 105-page report, internal emails between JSO employees said, “it kind of went over both of their heads.”

The trainee did not get disciplined, as she was training at the time. The trainer received a written reprimand for failure to conform to work standards.

Moriarty asked JSO if there have been changes made to their protocols or training procedures since this incident.

In a statement, a spokesperson said, “Our policies and procedures are reviewed routinely and adjustments are made as needed.”


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