Duval drivers third worst in the state for illegal bus passing

In the last survey by the Florida Department of Education, Duval County was ranked with the third-highest number of illegal school bus passing reports in 2018.

The survey showed 1,045 incidents were reported in just one day for Duval, which is behind Broward and Miami Dade counties.

The survey is judged by the number of school bus drivers participating, the time of day the incident was reported, total vehicles that illegally passed, which direction they passed in, and if it was the left or right side of the bus.

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“It’s putting the kids in danger of being hit or traumatized,” Lori Allen said. She is one of several parents who told Action News Jax they are fearful for their children after hearing about this new survey.

“It’s for the children’s safety that you’re supposed to stop and remain in a stopped position until the children are on board and the sign is reflected back in,” Allen said.

Duval County Public School district is the seventh largest school district in the state with nearly 129,000 students.

Action News Jax reached out to the three bus companies that serve DCPS but all declined to comment on the issue.

“They speed by really fast so you’re unable to get a tag,” a DCPS School bus driver said. This driver asked to remain anonymous in fear for her job.

She said she has been a school bus driver for more than 15 years and has seen the issue get worse. She said they have a bus camera that they can use to try and catch a driver who illegally passes, then report it to their management.

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"Just like you have to stop for a red light, you have to stop for a stop sign," she said. "These stop signs that come out from a bus are lighted. They light up red so that should be an indication to stop, stop!"

A DCPS representative said she has not seen the survey before, but will be giving it to the transportation department.