Exclusive: Surveillance video showing Russell Tillis' arrest

Action News Jax obtained exclusive surveillance video of the man who police said booby trapped his Southside home where a body was found this week.

The video shows Russell Tillis’ arrest in May for two active warrants.

A source said the video shows Tillis and another person looking around the area where police say they found boards with 4-inch nails, facing upward.

A few hours later, police flash lights on Tillis, and he jumps over a fence to flee.

According to the police report, Tillis led the officers through an area that he had apparently booby trapped.

"He was very methodical with the way he led them the officers,” Action News Jax crime and safety expert Ken Jefferson said. “Looking at the surveillance video, it appears he stalls, and he waits and leads them to whatever path he wants them to follow him."

Several neighbors told Action News Jax they have feared Tillis for years, and some have taken out injunctions against him.

Records with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office show police have been called out to the house 80 times since 2011.

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“That was an evil home, very evil,” neighbor Patricia Lashley said.

Investigators have found one body on Tillis' property, and they are continuing to look for more possible bodies.

Sources told Action News Jax that police received a tip about the body from a source in the jail.