Experts say gas prices may rise for rest of 2022

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Experts said we could be paying $4 a gallon at the pump sometime later this year.

As gas prices rise, so does the cost of everything else.

St. Johns County resident Holly Buffinton said she had to leave without some items at the store on Tuesday.

She said she’s noticed the higher prices inside her local grocery store and at the gas pump.

“It’s been almost double, the gas prices, to fill up like what it used to be. Same with groceries. Everything is inflated a lot,” Buffinton said.

Prices have gone up so much, she’s had to reinvent her budget.

“Fun stuff like spa visits, things like that, I’ve had to cut back on a lot just to be able to drive around and get food,” Buffinton said.

She isn’t the only one. Nationwide, drivers are dealing with higher gas prices.

According to the Labor Department, inflation increased at its fastest 12-month pace in nearly 40 years last month.

Consumer Energy Alliance officials said more demand post COVID lockdown and supply chain issues create the perfect storm for inflation.

“Energy prices over the last year went up 59% for consumers, families, and businesses,” Consumer Energy Alliance Florida Executive Director Kevin Doyle said.

Officials also said Americans are spending nearly $20 more every time they fill up, which may become the new normal.

“For the short term, I think some of the higher prices might be here to stay. Like you said, $4 a gallon is coming in our future,” Doyle said.

People like Buffinton will have to make some changes.

“It puts a dent in your whole budget,” Buffinton said.

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