FDOT talks about disputing ticket after a man received an invoice for a toll he didn't pass

The new toll roads are now being enforced in Jacksonville and Tuesday, Action News Jax told drivers about the different Sun Pass options to avoid paying toll fees.

However, we didn’t mention what to do if you get a ticket in the mail for a toll booth you didn’t cross.

That’s what happened to one local man and FDOT gave some pointers on how you can handle that type of situation if it ever occurs.

There are several cameras above the express lanes to monitor people in traffic and recently, one man said he got an invoice for driving on a toll road, but the picture on the invoice was not his license plate.

The license plate reader was inaccurate and it read someone else’s plate ending with an incorrect letter, but the local man got the bill instead.


Hampton Ray, is the community outreach manager for Florida Department of Transportation in Jacksonville, says it's unlikely, but this type of incident can happen.

“These things do happen. These are electronic systems where they read a license plate and then send out invoices. It is pretty rare ... we have about a 99 percent accuracy rating with regard to the toll readers,” Ray said.

FODT officials said they know the system is new for our area and it can be a bit confusing for some people. Ray said if a driver gets a notice that they believe is wrong, they can dispute it on the website at sunpass.com under the unpaid tolls, or call FDOT at 1-888-865-5352. The only item they will need is the invoice number.

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