Florida Highway Patrol investigating crash involving state trooper

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A local state trooper is recovering from serious injuries after the Florida Highway Patrol said he was hit Sunday night on Interstate 95 north near Golfair Boulevard.

“A. Jordan” was sitting in his patrol car working a construction site when FHP said he was struck by a driver.

Jordan and the other driver, Aaron Klausman, were taken to a hospital with serious injuries. Jordan has since been released.

FHP Jacksonville reminded drivers in a tweet to move over and get rid of distractions while driving.

In Florida, there are two options when an emergency vehicle is on the side of the road -- either move over or slow to 20 miles under the posted speed limit if moving over isn’t possible.

According to FHP, in 2018 there were 17,319 move-over citations. In 2019, the number went up to 20,201.