Gov. DeSantis tops Western Conservative Summit poll for presidential candidates

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Gov. Ron DeSantis earned a 74% approval rating in a Western Conservative Summit poll that asked attendees to vote for potential 2024 presidential candidates they approve of.

Former President Donald Trump earned 71% in the same poll.

There were 30 total candidates on the poll consisting of both Republican and Democrat nominees. A total of 371 votes were received.

Top five poll results

1. Ron DeSantis - 74.12%

2. Donald Trump - 71.43%

3. Ted Cruz - 42.86%

4. Mike Pompeo - 39.35%

5. Tim Scott - 35.58%

For a full list of poll results, click here.

While the election is still some time away, the race for the White House has already begun.