City of Jacksonville has over 42,000 complaints, homeowners frustrated with trash service

Neighbors demand better trash pick-up from city

Action News Jax found that Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry’s inbox received two separate emails from frustrated residents this week.

Each person expressed concern and frustration with the lack or delay of trash collection for bulky items outside their residence, according to public record.

One email stated in part, “To our astonishment, the truck neither pickup or tagged our furniture. It was just left there,” in reference to “old furniture” stated in the email. “It has rained twice since and it looks horrible though still neatly stacked within regulations of the COJ Heavy/Bulk pickup outlines on their website.”

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Another person began his email to Curry, “I am not sure who to email, but the garbage pickup at my house is absolutely 100% unacceptable. I have trash that has not been removed for 4 weeks!”

After a public records request to the city, Action News Jax found COJ has received 42,036 complaints so far this year.

In 2017, it received 46,547 complaints.

It was not indicated which company each complaint was directed toward.

COJ subcontracts three private companies for trash collection: Advanced Disposal Services, Republic Services, and Waste Pro USA.

This is the map the city gave Action News Jax that details the districts for each company.

“It’s been really frustrating to just have the cans sitting here, smelly and gross,” homeowner Anna Furbush said.

She said trash collection has been a growing issue in her neighborhood for weeks.

“It’s inconvenient when they want you to put it out at a certain time and then they don’t show up until two or three days later,” homeowner Carlton Williams said.

Action News Jax found more upset residents in two other neighborhoods Friday. Others said their larger items, such as mattresses or couches, took days to be collected.

“It’s unsightly,” resident Douglas Paishon said. “We’re paying for services with our taxes. We expect timely services.”

Action News Jax reached out to the city about these complaints. They said the two cases expressed to Curry this week have been resolved.

“I can also confirm that the administration and Public Works met with City waste collection contractors to discuss needs and concerns expressed by citizens,” COJ Director of Public Affairs Marsha Oliver said. “It is my understanding that these talks were productive and assurances made that delays and issues would be remedied promptly.”

Some residents told Action News Jax they found success by emailing the mayor’s office directly about their situation.

To request a service or file a complaint, click here.