Hundreds of Black pastors gather at Glynn County Courthouse in support of Ahmaud Arbery’s family

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — At least 500 hundred Black pastors from across the country came together in Brunswick for peace, unity, and to support Ahmaud Arbery’s family.

Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson joined attorney Ben Crump and the Ahmaud Arbery family at the steps of the Glynn County Courthouse.

Pastor Charles Oliver traveled over 2,000 miles.

“I made the journey to be out here to support Ahmaud’s family in what they’re grieving and that’s all I’m here for,” Pastor Oliver of Kingdom Christian Center said.

He bought a last-minute plane ticket from Seattle, Washington.

“I’m feeling the pain and when you feel the pain, see they won’t get their son back,” Pastor Oliver said.

Pastor Derrell Wade from the Macedonia African Methodist Episcopal church drove down from Virginia. He told me what happened to Ahmuad Arbery should have never happened.

“This is America, and I wouldn’t want this to happen to my grandchildren. So, for that reason, I’m here just to show my presence and support,” Pastor Wade said.

Many said they needed to be here after defense attorney Kevin Gough called to remove Black pastors from the courtroom.

“The defense attorney called for us. When you say I see Rev. Sharpton in the courtroom, but no more Black pastors, I’m coming. I’m coming but I’m coming like Jesus told me to come,” Cpt. R.C. Demmings of the Tacoma Church of Christ said.

And throughout this emotional trial Pastor Oliver just wants Arbery’s family to know they aren’t alone.

“When they see the support, I hope that will give them some kind of relief to let them know we are with them,” Pastor Oliver said.

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