Hundreds of bed bugs infest local apartment

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A woman who lives at Point Sienna apartments claims it’s not only her apartment that is infested with bed bugs.

Candace Davis said she initially thought her son was allergic to their dog when he started complaining about having trouble sleeping.

Then, she said inspected his bed and his mattress, bed frame and sheets and found they were covered in bed bugs.

"They were coming up out of the wood work, they were going up the wall, they were coming out of the carpet," Davis said.

Davis sent Action News Jax pictures of some the bed bugs she said she found on her son’s sheets.

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Now, the only ones left are in a plastic bag she collected as evidence to show the managers at Point Sienna apartments.

“Some of them are still crawling around. It's pretty gross actually," Davis said.

Davis said the tenants who live above her told her they had bed bugs two months ago, but she said management didn’t do anything about it and now they are in her place.

"I freaked out. I freaked out. I immediately got everything out of the house and threw it all out," Davis said.

We reached out to management to see what is being done after Davis couldn’t get a response, but since it is a holiday, the office is closed.

Davis said she now plans on moving out.