Inside the proposals for JEA's new headquarters

We’re getting our first look of what JEA’s new headquarters will look like.

There are three proposals currently under consideration: Lot J, by Jacksonville 1-C Parcel One Holding Company; Kings Avenue Station, from Kings Avenue Station P3, LLC; and 325 West Adams Street, from Ryan Companies US, Inc. These proposals were short-listed from six that were submitted overall, and JEA is in the process of negotiations with these companies, ahead of receiving best and final offers. JEA is seeking a new headquarters because the building they currently occupy is too big and is in need of significant repairs.

Initially, the JEA Board had been expected to vote next week on which bid to move forward with. Under JEA’s procurement rules, the timing of the vote would have been before any portions of the bids were required to be made public, with the exception of what was revealed in presentations at the meeting itself just ahead of the vote. JEA then decided to ask each of the groups behind their three short-listed proposals to put together a modified version of their bid, which could be publicly released ahead of the final vote. They also pushed the vote itself from next week to April, in order to ensure enough time to fully vet the plans.

WOKV has now obtained the proposals.


This bid was submitted from Jacksonville 1-C Parcel One Holding Company, which is driven by the Jacksonville Jaguars and The Cordish Companies. They envision the headquarters being an anchor tenant for new proposed development at Lot J by TIAA Bank Field, and therefore a piece of the overall redevelopment of the Sports Complex and Shipyards. These partners have previously put forward a $2.5 billion vision for redeveloping that area, and the amenities that would offer- if it happens- are frequently mentioned in the bid documents, as they speak generally to the impact that overall redevelopment could have. The proposal also touts the benefit of being able to seamlessly integrate the projects, because of the involvement of the same development team.

GALLERY: JEA headquarters proposal for Lot J

This proposal says the Shipyards would provide retail, dining, hospitality, parking, and access to public transportation for JEA, which would benefit employees and customers alike. Jaguars owner Shad Khan was named the Master Developer of the Shipyards property by the City, however negotiations have been long running, and they’re actually currently in their second iteration with Khan specifically.

The developers highlighted three principles they say they adhere to in design and construction of the building- people, place, and performance- through corporate culture, advanced technology, public image, innovation, and more.

There would be a main campus “heart” and nodes on each level, to encourage interaction and collaboration. Examples include various targeted areas of meeting spaces- from work cafes to collaboration hubs- as well as training rooms. The building itself aims to tap in to innovation, the environment, and other factors to drive performance, according to the team. The developers are also promising energy efficiency, sustainability, walkability, and durability, and they want to incorporate Smart City tech with lighting, parking, surveillance, and mobile apps, among other things.

The team behind this proposal also includes Beyer Blinder Belle, Gensler, and Gilbane.

Kings Avenue Station

Kings Avenue Station P3, LLC is proposing a pubic private partnership for a new headquarters building, which JEA would be able to lease, lease to own, or buy. Currently, the developers are in a long-term ground lease with the Jacksonville Transportation Authority for the Southbank site, and they highlight the fact that they could act quickly on construction, because they already control development of the site.

GALLERY: JEA headquarters proposal for Kings Avenue Station

This proposal touts visibility and connectivity. With the location right off I-95, they believe the HQ building could become one of the City’s most visible landmarks. Being adjacent to the highway and near the Skyway and Bus Rapid Transit options will mean a good level of access to the building, not to mention parking availability at the Kings Avenue Garage on site, and plans for further parking improvements.

For employees, the developers say there are food and lodging options from San Marco to Hendricks Avenue to the Southbank development that is underway known as The District. There are also hotels in the immediate area.

Unique to this site, the developer is proposing that the building design allows for the addition of more floors on the building and more buildings in the future, if desired. They also offer that JEA could explore building a solar farm on the top of the Kings Avenue Garage.

Because the developer controls the site, they envision construction starting this Spring, with completion within 31 months of that.

The team is an expansive collective of companies. In development, there is Chase Properties, Inc. and Parkway Property Investments, LLC. In design, there is Erin Lovett Miller; Rolland, DelValle & Bradley; Connie Turnet Interiors, Inc; Kimley-Horn and Associated, Inc; Atlantic Engineering Services; TLC Engineering for Architecture; and RTA Consulting, Inc. The general contractor is Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC.

325 West Adams Street

Ryan Companies US, Inc. actually proposed three locations in their bid, including the site where JEA is currently. The short-listed option that remains under consideration, however, is 325 West Adams Street, near the Duval County Courthouse.

GALLERY: JEA headquarters proposal for West Adams Street

They submitted a video in response to the request for a public package. As such, there is not as much detail available, but they highlight broadly that they are looking at an innovative, modern, and accessible building, with collaborative spaces, energy efficiencies, and wireless technologies. Specific to the building, they offer up best-in-class office space, flexible design, a full-service kitchen, cafeteria, break areas, and access to outside seating. They also tout the building being secure for employees and customers alike.

What’s next

These proposal are limited in scope, as JEA specifically said they would not feature financial ability, pricing information, or legal terms and conditions. JEA and CBRE- the real estate firm JEA is using to aid in this process- continue talks and negotiations with the short-listed developers, who will then submit final offers for the Board to consider in full.

The Board will hear presentations from each of these finalists on Tuesday, and there will be public comment at the start of that meeting as well. A final vote is expected in April.

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