Updates: Jacksonville city worker on leave amid military flag controversy

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Noon update: Mayor Lenny Curry says a city worker and her supervisor have been placed on leave pending a review of warnings issued for military flags at a Jacksonville business.

Full statement from Curry:

“Employees of the City of Jacksonville are the servants of taxpayers who have a duty to enforce our laws and regulations. I expect every one of them to do that job in a manner that is respectful and reflects the privilege we all have to serve this great city. What I saw reported is 100 percent inconsistent with how I expect every city employee to interact with our citizens.

I have ordered a review of the actions of the employee and pending the completion of that review, the employee and her supervisor have been placed on leave. Today I will ask every manager of city departments to review our procedures with each city employee. Once a review of the actions in this matter is complete, appropriate corrective action will be enforced for any wrongdoing.

As the son and grandson of military veterans, and the mayor of a city with a proud history of commitment to our nation’s defense, I will not tolerate disparagement or disrespect of the men and women who serve or served. On behalf of the City of Jacksonville I apologize to veterans and service members who are rightly troubled by the events that have been reported.

While current ordinance does not address residents or businesses displaying military flags, I will not allow any citation of those who demonstrate their support for the Armed Forces. My team is working with the city’s Office of General Counsel to bring clarity to the relevant city laws.”

Original story: The Jacksonville city worker who allegedly told a veteran that what he did for the country didn't matter posted an apology on her Facebook page.

In the post Melinda Power wrote, "I should never have been unprofessional and disrespectful period. Sincerely apologize."

She goes on to say she has the utmost respect for the military and her father, husband and son-in-law are veterans.

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Surveillance video shows the city worker appearing to wag her finger at a veteran while he was in the business Jaguar Power Sports. 

Power was at the motorcycle shop issuing a warning to remove military flags outside of their business.

A petition has been created to fire Power on www.Change.org.

Jacksonville city worker issuing warning for flying military flags

INSULTING A VETERAN: This is surveillance video of the encounter between a veteran and a Jacksonville city worker who appears to wag her finger at the veteran before allegedly saying that what he did for this country didn't matter. The veteran said he doesn't want the city worker fired. What's your opinion on the matter? STORY: https://bit.ly/2qFibya

Posted by Action News Jax on Tuesday, April 17, 2018