Jacksonville girl, 12, raises money for Haiti orphanage

At just 10 years old, Savannah Green made her first trip to Haiti and became friends with children at the Cabaret Orphanage.

Savannah is now 12, and she has been to Haiti three times.

She said she was inspired to take the trips at such a young age after her dad read her a book.

“It’s about an 18-year-old girl named Katie Davis who moved to Uganda to become a missionary and she really inspired me to go to Haiti,” Savannah said.

She said every time she makes the trip, they bring gifts to the kids.

“They're so kind. They have so little, but they share everything they have,” she said.

After this trip, Savannah said she wanted to find a way to help the children even more.

She reached out to footwear company Cobian Footwear on Instagram asking if they could help her raise money for the orphanage.

“The lady wrote back immediately and said, ‘It’s awesome. Let’s get started,’” Savannah said.

Fifty percent of proceeds from anyone who buys flip flops from the company in March and uses the code “HAITI” will go to the orphanage and trips to it.

Savannah said she plans to keep going back and building stronger relationships with the children, who have become her family.