Jacksonville opens new monoclonal treatment center

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Monoclonal antibody treatments started at the Jacksonville library today.

The treatment center is for people who have already tested positive. It’s being sponsored by the state as part of Governor DeSantis’ push to support pharmaceutical treatment for covid.

The center was able to treat up to 300 patients Tuesday.

Action News wasn’t able to get the exact numbers, but one patient told us the entire process took about an hour and a half. Derek Glover received the treatment and says he hopes it changes the course of his infection.

“Well last night my wife was trying to keep me up but I kind of blacked out. So it was come get the treatment or go to the hospital,” he said.

People across Jacksonville have a new place to turn to for help if covid is having a serious impact on them

Stacy Bogle’s mother is 75 years old and has asthma. Despite being vaccinated, she tested positive for covid. She’s hoping Regeneron, which got emergency approval from the FDA three weeks ago, helps her get better.

“It’s supposed to give her that boost of antibodies that will help her fight this off completely. So I’ve heard really good things for people who wake up the next day and they just feel so much better, sound better than they have in years - so, I don’t know how that can’t be ok,” Bogle says.

Derek Glover added he decided to come in as his symptoms worsened. He said the process was easy.

“They sent you down, they get your insurance information if you have it, they will still give it to you if you don’t. Then after going through a couple of disclosures they give you a shot in each arm and two shots in the stomach.”

The treatment is free, with or without insurance. After you get the shots you are observed for an hour you’re sent on your way.

Patients and families say this treatment could be a game-changer in the fight against covid if it works. Glover says he hopes to see results by Wednesday morning.

“It’s too soon to say but I’m hopeful of it.”