Jacksonville police searching for burglars who ate snacks, made cocktails, ransacked local homes

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is looking for at least one teen who they said has been breaking into homes, eating the owners’ food, drinking their alcohol and leaving the place a mess.

Priscille Janson said burglars left her family’s home a disaster.

“They left a sink covered in dishes,” Janson said.

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Her daughter, Holly Green, said people broke into the house and made themselves comfortable -- to say the least.

“Wet towels all over the place,” Green said. “Socks, shoes, underwear.”

She said they ate all the food, drank their alcohol and they even left cellphones in the home. She is hoping JSO can track the phones.

They even got into her paint supplies and painted their own canvases, then hung them up.

One painting they found reads "Kill."

“We don’t know if this person is violent,” Green said.

However, nothing of value was taken.

“It’s very bizarre. They didn’t even steal the TV,” Janson said.

Janson said it appears the house party ended when the suspects tried to order a movie on the TV, prompting a call from Xfinty.

Green said her brother came to the house after the cable company called their family about the movie charge and saw a man leave and run to the house next door.

In the police report, it states that the house next door was also ransacked, with alcohol containers left behind.

“If it’s all dark [and your] house isn’t lit up, they’re going to come knocking,” Green said.

Neighbors said they are worried since the suspects haven’t been caught.

“It’s just scary that people are in our neighborhood doing this kind of thing,” one neighbor said.

Green said a lot of the homes in the neighborhood are still under construction after being damaged in Hurricane Irma, so she thinks that is what drew the suspects to their neighborhood.