Jacksonville rescue saves 8 dogs abandoned in vacant houses within past month

A Jacksonville rescue president said their volunteers have saved eight dogs abandoned in vacant houses within the past month.

“How somebody could leave these sweet little dogs behind, I just will never understand,” said Florida Urgent Rescue President Mike Merrill.

The rescue found chihuahuas Terrence and Tancy abandoned in a crate in a vacant home three weeks ago.

“Terrence had a damaged eye and we had to have his eye removed. Tancy had really bad teeth, and when the vet touched her teeth, one of them fell out,” Merrill said, adding that he’s been responding to an unusually high number of dogs who were abandoned in Duval County vacant homes.

“People either move out and leave animals behind, or they just abandon their dogs and cats,” Merrill said.

Over the weekend, his rescue saved an emaciated dog tied up with an electrical cord in a vacant Northside house.

Merrill said if you’re in a desperate situation where you’re moving and can’t take your pets with you, please drop them off at a shelter.

“Don’t abandon your dogs. Don’t turn them loose in the woods. Don’t tie them up in a house to die,” Merrill said.

If you'd like to help these animals, you can find more information here: www.floridaurgentrescue.com.