Jacksonville residents hopeful they could win $1.1 billion in Mega Millions lottery drawing

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — UPDATE: Mega Millions: Tuesday’s numbers drawn for $1.1 billion

The Mega Millions drawing is Tuesday night, and we will know the lucky numbers in the $1.1 billion jackpot.

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Welcome Food Store, better known as The Lucky Store on Loretto Road, has seen its share of lottery winners.

Earlier today, Action News Jax spoke with a store manager. She said she has worked in this store for 17 years and has seen several people win over that time span.

“Our store is known the be the lucky store. We have 1,000 dollar winners, 5,000 dollar winners, 10,000 dollar winners, weekly and daily at our store,” said manager Karen Reape.

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Reape said the biggest prize won at the store is 1 million dollars. With numerous lottery winners at this store, word is starting to spread not only in Jacksonville, but also in neighboring states

“If you google to buy the most winning tickets in Jacksonville, it will put up our store. We meet new people. They come from Georgia, and they come from South Florida. They come 5 or 6 hours just to come to our store,” said Reape.

According to LotteryUSA.com, if someone is lucky enough to win $1.1 billion, that money will be taxed through two options. The winner can choose from an annuity option, which leaves the winner with a little over $694 million. They can choose the cash lump sum option, which leaves the winner with a little over $358 million.

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Action News Jax spoke with Frank Davis, who threw his name in the hat to win this big prize. He said he already has plans on what he would like to do with the money.

“We would want to give something back to charity, but I’m also a part of a group. Some of my college football teammates from the University of West Georgia. We all pull together the goal would to support one another,” said Davis.