Jacksonville student graduates with perfect K-12 attendance

Heels on, cap in hand, Victoria Jordan is ready to take on the world. First, she had to make it through graduation.

“I have a little bit of nerves in me, so I have to take deep breaths,” she said.

Her anxiety is understandable. All eyes were on her and two other Paxon High students Tuesday -- who made it 13 years without missing one day of school.

Perfect attendance, all the way through.

“They were kind of surprised because they thought every single student missed a day, but when they realized it was a couple students that had never missed a day, they were like 'Wow,” Jordan said.

“If you sign up for the job, you needed to be there. So, we felt the same way about school,” mother Joyce Jordan said.

We were there for a behind-the-scenes look as Jordan and her classmates celebrated their academic journey at Veterans Memorial Arena.

Her parents cheered on from the stands. Jordan plans to study software engineering at Emory-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach in the fall.

She had her close calls growing up, but persevered, and encourages other students to do the same.

“I had to press snooze on my alarm clock three times and that kind of made me late to school, but I managed to make it."