Jacksonville wedding photographer could face additional charges

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — After Action News Jax helped to bring a bride her wedding video after nearly a year of waiting, the photographer has now been arrested for theft and fraud charges.

The State Attorney’s office on Tuesday told Action News Jax more alleged victims are coming forward in a case of a wedding videographer who is accused of turning the dream day of brides into a nightmare.

Action News Jax reporter Ben Becker first told you about Kevin Remington, 44, earlier this year when a bride contacted Action News Jax about not receiving the wedding video she paid for. Since then we have received a half-dozen more complaints.

According to a JSO police report, Remington is facing five charges of grand theft and one charge of organized fraud from his June arrest.

“When I say 'Kevin Remington,' you say what?” Becker asked former Remington client Candice Clark. “Thief, honestly,” responded Clark in her own opinion.

Clark told Becker she hired Remington to shoot her wedding in Amelia Island last September.
"He took $1,400  from us and ended up with a 3-minute clip where he spelled my name wrong  and then he disappeared and never heard from him again," said Clark.

Melissa Kurz told Becker in February about a similar experience with her wedding.



“The weeks turned into months and he slowly faded away and I didn't hear from him again,” Kurz told Becker at the time.

Kurz paid Remington $800, but saw her emails, phone calls and text messages either ignored, or received promises not fulfilled, until Becker got involved and got her video back after numerous text message and phone calls.

It was Becker’s investigation into Remington that first got the attention of the State Attorney’s Office.

Since then, Becker has gone to numerous addresses linked to Remington to get his side of the story about brides wanting their video back, but Remington has been nowhere to be found.

Becker also has texted Remington  repeatedly, but hasn’t  heard back from him since May 6, when Remington said “Sounds like there is some confusion. If they have any issues they should contact me immediately.”

Becker went to the Duval County Courthouse on Tuesday, where Remington had a preliminary date for a hearing, but it was rescheduled. The State Attorney’s Office told Becker the case hasn’t been officially filed yet because more victims have been discovered.

“At this point it’s not about the money, $1,400 not keeping me up at night,” says Clark. “It’s the fact all those memories of our big day, my husband, my dad, our family together, it’s such a nice memory and I want to relive that -- want to have that forever”

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