Jacksonville woman says intruders keep breaking into her home

A Jacksonville woman said she’s scared to live in her own home after several recent home invasions.

Sandra Tucker showed Action News Jax surveillance images that appear to show strangers walking around her Westside town home.

She even learned later she was home when one of the pictures was taken.

“Anything could have happened to me,” Tucker said. “I’m just lucky to be alive.”

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She said she changed the locks and when the burglaries didn’t stop, she started staying the night at a friend’s house.

According to records pulled by Action News Jax, police have been called to Tucker’s address 26 times since last July.

One police report said Tucker provided photos that “appeared to be two unknown men” on two different occasions in her home.

Officers said “the home was clear and there was no forced entry.”

Tucker said the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office isn’t taking her seriously enough, even filing a complaint against the department. She said she wishes investigators would at least come over and take fingerprints.

“I had some police at one time say that, ‘It’s probably a ghost,’” Tucker said. “Because they didn’t see any signs at first.”

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After we contacted JSO about her case, the department responded with this statement that reads in part:

"In looking at the calls for service, we have been at the requested location several times in the past. We have written the one report I sent earlier and collected images that were placed in the property room.

"If there were signs of damage during a break in or obvious signs of items disturbed or moved during the commission of a crime, an evidence technician would respond in an effort to collect prints or other evidence.  Without the presence of these factors, an evidence technician would not normally respond due to lack of a specific area to process.

"Each call for service would stand on its own merit and on the specifics of how and what the victim was reporting."

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