JEA is one step closer to selecting a new headquarters

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — JEA is one step closer to selecting a new headquarters and developing land for hundreds of its employees.

On Tuesday, the board was presented with three final designs. One design would revamp Lot J at TIAA Bank Field. A second design would put the headquarters at Kings Avenue Station on the Southbank. The third design for the headquarters would develop an empty lot on Adams Street near the county courthouse.

The board has not selected a front-runner yet and will make its final decision in April, but many people who live and work in the area including Joe Carlucci, said they have an idea where they would like to see the new JEA building placed.

“I just want to see the community thrive and I see this as the opportunity that can really do that. I’d be most excited if they chose Kings Avenue. It’s exciting to see the pictures and see the drawings and then one day we'll be driving, you know, down the street and you’ll get to say, 'Wow. that’s what we saw, you know, happening unfolding right in front of us,'” Carlucci said.

Previously, the Jaguars president released a statement that called the Lot J proposal “the tipping point of a once-in-a-generation opportunity to grow downtown Jacksonville.”

Tuesday, board members heard and witnessed the final three presentations for the proposed new headquarters.

JEA board member Alan Howard said each of the presenters will be evaluated on their merit, but there are specific details the board is looking for when making this decision.

“One of the criteria that you heard that was important to the board today is the accessibility to our customers. We have 11,000 customers of JEA who come to our offices every month,” Howard said.

Another important factor was including local women and minority-owned businesses to help with the project.

“Again, the goal here is to get the best possible deal for JEA and its customers,” Howard said.

Carlucci said he was impressed by that statement, and he’s looking forward to seeing the finished product.

“I hope they are considering the lives that they're changing for JEA employees, because they have a chance to improve their quality of life and they deserve it,” Carlucci said.

Each of the presenters had a timeline of between 25 and 31 months for when the project could be finished.

The final decision will be made during the first week of April.