New jailhouse recordings of Kimberly Kessler released in missing Nassau County mother case

Action News Jax has obtained new jailhouse recordings in the case of missing Nassau County mother of three Joleen Cummings.

The 13 audio recordings give us new insight into the mind of accused killer Kimberly Kessler.

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It's been one year since Cummings was reported missing Mother's Day weekend after she failed to pick up her children.

Her disappearance sparked an investigation that would get national attention.

Kimberly Kessler, a former coworker of Cummings at Tangles Hair Salon is suspected of killing her.

Cummings' body has never been found.


We told you in April we investigators released footage of detectives confronting Kessler with the evidence they had against and pressing her for a confession.

In the phone calls we received today, you hear Kessler discussing a wide variety of things with her mother, Connie Kessler, including, jail conditions, the Illuminati, the death penalty and solitary confinement.

Over the course of the phone calls, Kimberly Kessler insists her mother get some of her belongings out of her storage unit before investigators search it.

“Yeah, they confiscate it, and it becomes theirs,” she said.

Kimberly Kessler also asks her mother several times to bail her out of jail.

At one point, Connie Kessler confronts her daughter about why she’s been arrested. Kimberly Kessler was arrested on May 16, 2018.

The earliest phone call released today is from May 21, 2018.

"They think you’re involved in a missing person there,” said Connie Kessler.

Kimberly Kessler responded, insisting her mother bail her out.

“So, if you can, or if you want to, please you know, bail me out,” she said. “And I can … And to the best of my ability I’ll answer…”

Kimberly Kessler also tells her mother she’s been moved to solitary confinement because she believes investigators are trying to limit her access to the phone.

She also says investigators placed her on suicide watch as an excuse to isolate her, though she claims she had no intention of hurting herself.

“But It’s just a game they’re playing,” she tells her mother. “I think the detectives did that on purpose to, um, just to torment me and punish me because if I were in a regular, if I was with the regular population, which I was with the regular population, I would have access to the phone sooner!

"They didn’t want me to have access to the phone, they wanted to keep me isolated!”

Kimberly Kessler and her mother also talk about the death penalty.

Connie Kessler tells her daughter it should be outlawed and criticizes prosecutors.

“They shouldn’t do it anymore, because the (expletives) get it wrong,” said Connie Kessler. “The prosecutor’s just a giant weenie. And I’m not even going to say, ‘Well maybe there’s some that are good.’ No! Because they’re all weenies! You put on a suit and turn into a giant weenie.”

In later phone calls Kimberly Kessler tells her mother she blames media coverage on the Illuminati' 
"Is absolutely nothing going on in the world?" said Connie Kessler.

“I say it’s because it’s the Illuminati,” said Kimberly Kessler. “I think that, um, her people are definitely, (expletive) involved in it. So that’s just what is happening. I got the Illuminati on my (expletive).”


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