Kamiyah Mobley was featured on Jacksonville billboards in 2014

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Mobley's family ready for in-person reunion  

Note: This story originally appeared in 2014. 

Family members of missing children spoke to Action News about digital billboards posted across the state that could help them to find their loved ones.

More than two dozen people are featured on the billboards. Twenty-eight missing people are posted on them, and family members Action News spoke to today say they hope this will bring their loved one home.

Shontae Williams and her family remember the good times with cousin Omar Gibson. But Gibson disappeared more than two years ago and hasn’t been seen since, and it has caused a lot of worry for her family

“Sleepless nights, it's been real hard,” Williams said.

They say Gibson’s car was found, but since then leads have dried up, his grandmother said.

“It's heart-breaking. A lot of stress, worried all the time, worried about my grandson missing for over two years,” said Dorothy Ferguson.

His face is now posted on an electronic billboard in Jacksonville, along with many other familiar missing faces, like baby Kamiyah Mobley, who was taken from University Medical Center in Jacksonville in 1998.

The only picture of Kamiyah is a sketch, because she was taken just hours after being born. There’s also a sketch of the woman who took Kamiyah, a woman who pretended to be a nurse. Neither have been located.

Ferguson said getting the faces of these missing family members out for people to see is her only hope that they will be remembered and be found.

“Maybe someone in Jacksonville or Georgia, people travel all the time, maybe someone may have seen something,” she said.

According to the Florida Outdoor Advertising Association, Florida was the first state that established these billboards, which have since expanded to include Amber Alerts, Silver Alerts and emergency evacuation messages.