Local teens visit Harvard to serve on advisory board

Two Jacksonville teens are hoping to make a big change in the world, and they're starting their mission at Harvard University.

The teens, who are part of the EVAC Movement at Lee High School, were selected to serve on Harvard’s youth advisory board, a prestigious teen program at the Ivy League school.

They are working on a podcast and documentary, titled “Why is it so hard for youth like me to get into Harvard, and how can we fix it?”

Brandon Griggs and Nick Burgess, were selected from 220 nationwide applicants to serve on the board.

EVAC is meant to help students turn their personal tragedies into positive outcomes.

Griggs said something like internet access is vital to secure opportunities, something not always at his fingertips. “I’m a Harvard youth adviser, but I didn’t even have internet access to apply," he said.

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While hardships aren’t stopping them from achieving their dreams, they want youths in other parts of the country to adopt their mindset.

Burgess is hopeful their achievements can start a trend back home. “I feel like I just gave a lot of students hope, a lot of hope back in Jacksonville, that they can make it out here.” he said.