Man carjacked at gas station in Downtown Jacksonville, one suspect in custody

Man carjacked while getting gas in downtown Jacksonville

A man was carjacked at a gas station on Main Street in Downtown Jacksonville.

This happened just minutes away from FSCJ’s Downtown Campus and City Hall.

One suspect is in jail.

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The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is working to figure out the identity of the second suspect.

Action News Jax Courtney Cole takes a closer look at how often crime happens in the area and how some of its regular customers feel about their safety.

Adam Jacob was getting gas around 2 a.m. Wednesday at the Shell gas station, in the 700 block of Main Street.

Jacob told police two men walked up to him and asked him for a ride.

Once they got into the car with Jacob, he told police the men had their "hands down their pants" and told him to just drive.

Jacob cooperated, because he told police he thought they had guns.

Danielle Frederick , a regular customer at the gas station, said she doesn't feel like this is the safest gas station, so she's not shocked.

Another customer told Action News Jax he believes this could have happened anywhere in Jacksonville.

“The issue could be resolved if we had a lot more police officers on the street, in areas where there is a high volume of carjackings,” said Mylan Cotlong.

Jacob drove to Jessie Street.

The two suspects dropped him off and took off in his car.

According to JSO report, surveillance video at the gas station showed both suspects getting into Jacob's car.

While the gas station manager wasn't comfortable giving Action News Jax the gas station video, Action News Jax Courtney Cole saw more than one camera on the property that could have captured images of the suspects.

JSO arrested one of the suspects after a 7-mile-pursuit.

He's been identified as 19-year-old Andre Maddox.

JSO says only one of the suspects was in the car at the time; the other suspect is unknown.