Marion County bans homework for elementary school students

Homework will no longer be a chore for elementary students in Marion County.

The Florida county banned homework for its elementary school students by issuing a "no homework" mandate to teachers at the district's 31 elementary schools, ABC News affiliate Local 10 News reported Thursday.

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The decision was based on research that said students perform better when they get a break from the strictness of the school day.

The study said reading to a child provides more positive effect than homework.

School official told Local 10 News that they will ask parents to read to their children for 20 minutes each night. There will be some at home assignments, like science projects and research papers, but no daily homework will be assigned.

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PARENTS: Good idea or bad idea? Researchers say another activity at home provides a more positive effect than homework:

Posted by Action News Jax on Thursday, July 13, 2017