Minshew mania, Jalen Ramsey, Mike Tyson and a wedding at the Jags vs. Titans game

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — If you haven't heard by now, the Jacksonville Jaguars took home their first win of this season in Thursday's night game against the Tennessee Titans. The score: 20 to 7.


It was Gardner Minshew's second consecutive game in place of injured QB Nick Foles as he recovers from a broken collarbone. Fans chanted Minshew's name each time the offense took the field, and fans everywhere adorned fake mustaches and bandanas to mimic his signature look.

Minshew threw two touchdown passes to help seal the win. Fans say this win was because of him and now his merchandise is flying off store shelves -- while Jalen Ramsey's is half-off. One fan even turned a Ramsey jersey into a Minshew one.


Many fans are wondering if Thursday's game was the Jalen Ramsey's last with the Jacksonville Jaguars.  There's still a lot of uncertainty. "As long as I'm a part of this team, I'm gonna support my teammates," Ramsey said to the media in a press conference Tuesday afternoon.


Did you see him at the game? The professional boxer attended wearing a Jacksonville Jaguars jersey with the number 1.


Congratulations to Candace and Mark from Jacksonville Beach. They loved the Jacksonville Jaguars so much they decided to get married near a tailgating lot.

They hope their love will bring some luck to the Jags. Based on Thursday's night win -- it's working.

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