Miracle baby starts physical therapy

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Little Lyriq's parents are taking a cue from their big miracle wrapped in a small package.

If she can fight, they can overcome the emotional ups and downs that come with delivering a baby at barely 28 weeks.

“We're lucky enough she's here," said Channing Lourcey Finch, Lyriq’s mother.

"There's so much happening, you can't comprehend," said Patrick Loucery, Lyriq's father.

For example in just the last few days, Lyriq dropped weight.

And then she gained again. On Friday she's topping the scale, at 2 pounds 9 ounces.

A big difference over the last seven days, her heart rate sometimes drops.

Especially since, this one month old, is trying something new – physical therapy for her legs, torso and head.

Lyriq is gaining lower body strength but needs help with her upper body.

The other challenge that comes with having a baby so early and fragile is financial.

Her parents have a hefty deductible, so right now, they have some out of pocket expenses.

Lyriq's cheerleaders made up of family and well-wishers are selling T-shirts to help with her care.

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