Joleen Cummings case: Murder suspect Kimberly Kessler is competent, treatment staff says

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. — In a letter issued to a Yulee judge, Kimberly Kessler, the only suspect in the death and disappearance of a local mother, is said to be competent to stand trial.

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Written to Judge James Daniel, Waylon Lewis, of the Institutional Counsel, stated the treatment staff believes Kessler is "competent to proceed and no longer meets criteria for continued involuntary commitment."

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Kessler is accused of killing Joleen Cummings, her former co-worker at a hair salon in Nassau County.

Cummings has not been seen since May of 2018 after failing to pick up her children and is presumed dead, according to deputies.

Kessler was ruled incompetent to stand trial at the beginning of July in Nassau County court and was committed to be in a state hospital.

“We look forward to moving ahead on this case for Joleen’s family and the people of Nassau County," David Chapman, the communications director at the State Attorney's Office, 4th Circuit, said.

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