Woman arrested on child neglect charges, left two babies unattended, NCSO says

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. — The Nassau County Sheriff's Office arrested Randi Brooke Christner, 24, on child neglect charges, according to a police report.

Officers responded to a home in an attempt to locate two burglary suspects. Over the past few weeks NCSO was notified of several burglaries in the Nassauville area.

Upon arrival, and after searching the outside of the residence, a sergeant knocked on the rear door of the home.

After no one answered, the sergeant said that he heard the sound of babies crying. Based on these circumstances, he and a deputy entered the home through the front door.

They observed two unattended babies (16 months and 5 months old). One child was lying inside of a bouncer sitting on top of a couch, not fastened in. The other was inside of a play pen with several cockroaches crawling around him, the report said.


While searching for a cup and a bottle for the babies, the NCSO personnel saw multiple different types of insects crawling throughout the house. There were piles of clothes, garbage and dirty dishes lying everywhere, NCSO says.

There was also no air conditioning inside of the home, a toliet filled with fecal matter which did not appear to be working and a BB gun and knife lying on the couch near the play pen. The weapons were in reach of the oldest baby.

Additionally, both babies were observed to have bite marks from insects. They were checked out by NCFR personnel, the report said.

The mother of the babies came walking up to the residence as the deputies were there and was questioned about the condition of the children. She was then arrested, and the babies were released to DCF custody, according to NCSO.

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