Day 4 of search for Patrick McDowell, man accused of killing Nassau County deputy

CALLAHAN, Fla. — The search for Patrick McDowell, the alleged shooter of Nassau County deputy Joshua Moyers, is growing; and the sheriff’s office says they are getting closer.

Keith Windgate lives nearby and he says the last few days have been taxing.

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“It’s been kind of nervous … I live about a mile and a half further down River Road from where the searches, but there’s always that fear that he’s escaped the perimeter and it’s getting closer to my house.”

The perimeter of the search for Patrick McDowell has shrunk in the last few days. Officers believed he was in the woods just beyond the railroad tracks following his escape Friday morning. Now that chase could be centering in on one area in particular.

“I hate it, but I just think they are doing the best they know how. They’re trying to look for the guy and I hope they do get them off the street. I mean he needs to pay his dues,” says Bobby Mett, another resident.

The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office won’t say where, but articles confirmed to belong to McDowell have been found, narrowing down the search.

The sheriff’s office announced on Facebook they swore in several deputies from Georgia to help care for the evidence and use the resources they can offer.

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Action News Jax crime and safety expert Dale Carson says the county will likely continue to get more help until McDowell is caught.

“They obviously have to get Camden County involved; it’s directly across Saint Mary’s River from the flight area that he would have attempted his escape,” Carson says.

“They would be engaged with all of the other ... agencies to assist local law enforcement because it’s a police officer (that has) been killed.”

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The sheriff’s office says neighbors have cooperated, many houses have been searched and the woods are still being systematically combed through.

Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper says he hopes McDowell turns himself in.