‘We are family’: Deputy Joshua Moyers’ ‘Bravo Team’ shares fond memories of fallen deputy

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. — We’re learning more about Deputy Joshua Moyers, as his brothers and sisters in blue knew him at the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office.

Action News Jax’s Courtney Cole spoke to Sgt. Trevor Zittrower and Lt. Brian Blackwell, two members of his “bravo team” who describe Moyers as “always a joy to see at work.”

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The love and respect for Moyers runs deep at the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office, but especially on his shift, the Bravo Team.

“His smile is infectious and that was something that we all knew, we saw every day when we came to work,” said Blackwell.

“A man that grew up in this community... told me every day that he wanted to make his hometown safer. So his level of service of community was out this world,” Zittrower said.

Zittrower and Blackwell both worked closely with Moyers, along with the other men in green on The Bravo Team, who also joined us for the interview.  You could tell they were proud to be able to show up for their brother.

“There’s no single man or woman on this team that can do anything on their own,” Blackwell said.

As with all law enforcement, Blackwell and Zittrower tell me they have to deal with crime all of the time.

“Every day we risk our lives, you know?” Zittrower said.

Blackwell tells me it hits differently when it’s one of their own.

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“We have to be strong for each other and we try our best. It’s been a blur, it’s hard to believe it’s been a week. This amazing group of gentlemen, that we’re lucky enough to come to work with every day, everybody’s been there for each other and it’s been heartwarming,” Blackwell said.

Both agree Sheriff Bill Leeper’s leadership during this time has been impactful.

“This is a difficult time, something we don’t do often. So, seeing him being the professional he is and he’s like the way he is, he just a true leader. We appreciate that,” Blackwell explained.

There’s another group of people The Bravo Team said has made this time easier for them: the community.

“I want to say thank you to the community and the outpouring of love and support like I said before, earlier, it’s just been amazing and it’s really keeping us going,” Zittrower said.

Blackwell described the support from the community as unreal. “It’s a tragic situation, but it’s very impressive to see this community come together, to see this agency come together, to see law enforcement as a whole come together for this. ‘Thank you’ won’t ever do it justice.”