New stadium at Edward Waters College will allow home games for first time

New athletic stadium coming to EWC

An $8.4 million upgrade is headed to Edward Waters College.

Right now, the college only has a practice field. They can’t have home games on campus.

But that’s all going to change when the school builds its new community field and sports stadium.

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“I might shed a tear,” said Edward Waters College offensive lineman Justin Slaughter.

Slaughter said playing in the stadium would be the highlight of his senior year.

“I am a senior coming up and I haven’t had a college field here yet. To me, personally, I take pride in this football team. I work hard,” Slaughter said.

The grass practice field will transform into a turf field with stadium seating.

Athletic Director Stanley Cromartie said it’s called a “community field” for a reason.

“This community will have access to use this field as a walking track, maybe bring some pop warner football games here on Saturdays, then hopefully maybe some high school games on Thursday nights,” Cromartie said.

For the team, it’s going to be a game-changer.

“It puts us on the same playing field as all the other teams in our conference. We have a place that we can finally call home,” Cromartie said.

The money from the city will also be used to upgrade EWC dormitories.