Orange Park couple's fathers both worked on Apollo 11 mission

ORANGE PARK, Fla. — Fading news clippings and photos are spread out on Larry and Terry Harvey’s dining room table in Orange Park.

Fifty years after the Apollo 11 mission to the moon, they’re remembering both of their fathers -- engineers who worked to make the lunar landing a reality.


“The buildings shook, rattled. It was kind of like an earthquake, only it lasted longer,” said Terry Harvey.

They were both 17 years old when they watched their fathers’ latest work project make history.

Larry’s father worked on the capsule and Terry’s father worked on the lunar module.

Larry remembers lying on the floor while he, his father and his fellow engineers watched the first moonwalk live on TV.

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“I didn’t talk. I didn’t do anything. I just listened to them, how excited they were and everything else,” said Larry Harvey.

“What was going through my mind is, are they going to make it back safe?” said Terry Harvey.

1969 wasn’t just the year Apollo 11 successfully completed its mission; it’s the year Terry and Larry started dating.

Over the decades, space has continued to play an important role in both their lives.

Terry taught earth and space science in Duval County for years and Larry is the founder of the Center for Applied Space Technology.

Fifty years have passed since the Apollo 11 mission, but their memories of that incredible moment haven’t aged a day.