Osprey, bald eagle, fish and a dolphin make an appearance at JU baseball game

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Fans at a college baseball game witnessed quite a show in the sky Saturday.

It wasn't a University of North Florida game, but their mascot, an osprey, did make an appearance at a Jacksonville University game.

The JU baseball team tweeted their game was delayed after a fish was dropped on the field by an osprey flying over the John Sessions stadium who was "threatened" by a bald eagle.

"An Osprey just flew over John Sessions with a fish in his claws, but was threatened by a pursuing bald eagle, causing the osprey to drop the fish behind second base (Error)," the team said in a tweet.

The fish on the field was removed by a "Dolphin," JU's mascot, the team stated.

"Can't make this up folks."

Eagle, Osprey, Fish Delay Baseball Game

An important moment in baseball history 😂

Posted by CBS Sports on Saturday, February 23, 2019