Nassau County parents outraged about school library books with explicit content

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. — Two Nassau County parents are outraged about two books their middle schoolers brought home from the school library.

The covers look harmless enough but when parents saw the profanity and sexually explicit language inside, they called Action News Jax.

From paragraphs about sex, to drinking alcohol and stripping, Yulee Middle School parents said they are furious that these books are on the shelves of the school library.

"I have in no way shape or form authorized my children to read such material, I can tell you that," said parent, Brook Todd.

Todd has five kids in the Nassau County school district and one at the middle school. She said the books made her uncomfortable.

"I was reading a lot of sexual content and some things that I wouldn't think high schoolers should have access to," Todd said.

The two books are titled “TTFN,” meaning ta ta for now, and “TTYL,” short for talk to you later and look harmless.

"It's telling kids to rebel against parents. It's telling them it's OK to party, drink, cuss and do other obscene things in the book," parent Billie Thrift said.

Thrift said her 12-year-old daughter brought the books home from school.

"She immediately didn't want to read it, but she was scared she was going to get a bad grade because she didn't finish reading the book she checked out," Thrift said.

Thrift said the books are part of the accelerated reading program where students log the amount spent reading and have to take tests on the books.

"Personally, I think this is what's wrong with children today. It's books like this and stuff being exposed to our children and it being allowed to being exposed," said Thrift.

Both parents plan to take the books to the district Tuesday morning.

"I would like them to do away with this. I would like them to somehow monitor what goes into the library," Todd said.

The parents also said after posting their concerns on Facebook, teachers from the school reached out to them saying they were concerned too.

Action News Jax reached out to the district, but haven’t heard back.

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