Past victim of Donald Davidson: 'He should've never been out in the first place'

Donald Davidson once again stood before a judge Wednesday. The 34-year-old is a registered sexual predator who's accused of killing Roseanne Welsh, and then abducting her daughter in Middleburg Monday.

GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Fla. — It was a night one of his former victims will never forget.
"Detectives were calling my phone asking if I've seen Donald and if I was OK," she told Action News.

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She asked that we use only her first name, but she spoke openly with Action News about the night Donald Davidson attacked her four years ago.
Tiffany says Davidson was an acquaintance who stopped by her Orange Park home in 2010 to purchase her truck, but once inside, she says, his demeanor changed.
"I went to the kitchen to get him a drink. That's when he put his arms around my neck and lifted me off the ground.  Everything went black and I woke up with him on top of me on the floor."

Tiffany was four and half months pregnant, and as she fought to escape, she heard him utter a few words.

"He said, 'Oh (expletive) I did it again. I did it again. I can't believe I did this. I'm going to jail. I can't go back to jail. I have to do something.' That's when I knew I had to run."

Davidson already had a criminal history dating back to 2004 that included lewd and lascivious molestation and sexual battery.  Tiffany said she was unaware of his past.
Tiffany said Davidson's defense attorneys introduced her own criminal past in court, so Davidson was offered a plea deal. He was convicted of attacking Tiffany, and served time until his release in September.
On Monday, after Welsh's body was found, police worried Davidson was heading Tiffany's way, so she said they rushed over to her home and searched her property, but she said he never should have had that chance in the first place.
"The judicial system pretty much failed them as it did me. He should've never been out in the first place after everything that he did."
Davidson was found eight hours later driving Welsh's vehicle on Blanding Boulevard in Orange Park, about two minutes from Tiffany's home.

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